Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last 2 appointments

Evan has been doing great!!!!  He is walking/running everywhere, getting into everything, climbing, babbling, and being very clumsy!  ha ha.  He is getting way too big too fast.

We went to Texas Children's in November to see his Cardiologist and have another Echocardiogram and EKG.  The Echo and EKG both came back normal!  He has no lasting issues from his battle with Kawasaki Disease.  We are so thankful!  I couldn't have been more relieved to receive that news!  We do not need to go back to see the Cardiologist for 2 years, so Evan will be 3 years old.  Crazy!

He did say that when he is older and able to run on a treadmill that he would recommend doing a stress test.  Since Kawasaki Disease is still very poorly understood; especially long term, he would recommend doing this just to be safe.  He will also need to be monitored closely as far as his cholesterol and diet to help prevent any issues that could arise.

Earlier this month we headed back to Texas Children's again, this time to see the Rheumatologist.  She was very pleased with the results of his Echo and he was given the all clear to go ahead and continue his vaccinations.  He was not able to have any live vaccines after the treatment for Kawasaki, which is IVIG, because the IVIG would basically fight against the vaccines and push them out of his body and they would be useless.  I am very nervous to start up his vaccines again, being that he started running fever the day after his shots and was diagnosed a few days after.  I am hoping to go slow with them and not do too many at once to see how he will respond.  His doctors assured me that the vaccines did not cause him to become sick, but with it being so poorly understood I can't help but be cautious.

We will not have to see the Rheumatologist again unless there are anymore issues.  (which we are not anticipating :) )  She said the likelihood of a child having Kawasaki Disease twice is about 2-5%.  I'm sure any time he runs fever for the rest of his life I will be worried.

Thanks for reading and please read up on Kawasaki Disease!  You never know who you could help by knowing the signs to look for!

January 26th is Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day!

Thanks for reading!!!!