Thursday, January 21, 2016

Evan's latest checkup!

Hello everyone!  I forgot to make an update after our last appointment!

We headed back to Texas Children's a few months ago for a routine EKG.  It had been 2 years since his last check up! Dr. Seary was very pleased with Evan's heart.  Everything looked completely normal on his EKG.  He was such a brave boy and sat still for his EKG, I was so proud of him!

He will not need to have his heart checked for 5 years.  At that time they will do another Echocardiogram.

The Dr. was a little concerned with his size and decided to run some labs to make sure it wasn't anything with her heart making him so small.  He is a horrible eater and I expressed my concerns about his diet to the Dr. also.

We went ahead and had the labs drawn there.  Evan was not so happy about that part of the visit!

A few days later Dr. Seary called me back about the lab results. Everything looked good except Evan is a little anemic.  He sent the lab work to his regular pedi and said to follow up with him.  Evan will need to take an iron supplement.  We also had his pedi run tests for Celiac disease since he had some symptoms and that can also cause anemia.  Those labs came back negative as well.  We are guessing his anemia is caused by his poor diet.  The kid eats no meet or veggies! So frustrating!  He lives on dairy, very few fruits and snack foods.

Well, that's about all of the updates I have for now!  Thanks so much for your continues prayers and support.  Our little dude has been through so much and we are so grateful for all of your love!