Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting bigger and stronger everyday!

I received a call on Tuesday from the Rheumatologist at Texas Children's.  At our last visit with them, they drew blood for a CBC to check his platelets.  They had been high the last time they checked.  They had a lot of trouble getting blood and she said the blood was clotted in the tube so they could not get results.

She said we needed to go to a local lab and have the blood redrawn.  If everything looked good then we could stop the Aspirin.  I guess the Cardiologist and Rheumatologist did not communicate because his Cardiologist told us to stop the Aspirin last week!

Now we are back on Aspirin until we can get the results of the new bloodwork which we will have drawn on Friday!  She is concerned about his platelets count being elevated and having them stick together.  So back on baby Aspirin again!  Poor Evan is so sick of taking medicine!  

He has just started eating baby food in the last week.  He loves applesauce so far!  We tried bananas last week but he developed a small rash the next day, so we will try those again later.  Not sure if it was a fluke or due to the bananas.  Evan is a little piglet.  He screams at me in between bites.  "Faster mommy, I'm STARVING!"  I'm sure that's what he's thinking.  

I love how BIG he opens for the itty bitty spoon :)

Needless to say, Evan has become pretty spoiled during the last 6 weeks.  (As if he wasn't spoiled enough already.)  His favorite place to nap is mommy's arms.  While I love to hold him and snuggle him, I do have 2 other children to take care of and a house to run.  It can get pretty overwhelming when Eddie is on the boat working.  The last 3 days I have been working on getting him to nap in his baby bed.  He puts up a little bit of a fight for about 15 minutes but he does well after that.  This morning he napped for 2 hours!  (so did mommy).  

Night time is a different story.  He usually sleeps in his bed the first part of the night and then ends up in our bed for the other half.  GASP!  I know, horrible right?  Admit it, you brought your babies to your bed too when they were little ;)  I just don't have the heart to listen to him cry!   I know, I'm a sucker.  At least he's napping in his bed now.  Night time will get there eventually, right?  I sure hope so, this momma is worn out!

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