Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy 1/2 Birthday Evan!

Our little man celebrated his 1/2 birthday on Monday!  We didn't really celebrate literally, but you get my drift.

He has had a few firsts this week:

1.  He is putting his knees up under his chest while on his tummy.  His head is on the ground though, it's pretty funny.  I'm sure crawling isn't far away.  yay
2.  We are working on sleeping without the pacifier.  I cannot get up 12 times a night and replace it anymore.  Mommy is TIRED.
3.  He is loving his baby food now :)  Today he tried carrot, apple and parsnip mixture and he ate the whole pouch!  Maybe this child will finally be a veggie lover?  I can hope!

Nothing has changed as far as his health goes.  Still taking baby aspirin and waiting on the lab results.  We had to go to a local lab on Monday because the blood they drew at Texas Children's on his last visit with the Rheumatologist.  They said it clotted in the tube.  He was very brave for his bloodwork and the technician got it on the first stick.  What a relief for us all.

Hopefully we will get good news on the bloodwork and he can discontinue the aspirin!

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