Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March 22, 2013 Another Echo!

We went back to Texas Children's once again for another follow up Echo and a visit with his new Cardiologist.  This time he was going to be sedated.  We packed an overnight bag this time just in case!

We had to be there by 8am so we decided to spend the night in Houston to make it easier in the morning.  Eddie was working so Andrea came with me.  We booked  nice hotel room and left that night to get settled in.  After we arrived we ordered room service and enjoyed the room for a while.  Evan and I slept together in the bed and he slept well.  Me, not so much.  Andrea snored all night and I was nervous!  ha ha.

We got up bright and early to drive to the medical center for the test.  When we arrived they took us right back and gave him the medicine to sedate him.  He went to sleep easily and they started the echo.  The technician seemed to be concentrating on one spot a lot and it made me really worried.  I prayed quietly for God to lay his hands on us and guide the technicians hands during the echo.

After he woke up, he was able to eat and he went right back to sleep.  We waited for our appointment to see the cardiologist which was scheduled right afterwards.  I was so nervous.  All I kept thinking was that he was going to tell me that Evan had a giant aneurism.  He came in after he looked over the results and said that everything looked wonderful!  His arteries actually measured small than they had on his previous echo.  God is good!  He has answered our prayers!!!!  He would get with Rheumatology to let them know the results and then let us know when to return for another echo.

 We left so excited and relieved!  We had finally received good news!

Sedated for his Echo and EKG

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